Why Proximiti Is Different

Business Model
Proximiti provides network connectivity services but also sophisticated software that can be integrated with the management systems of its clients.  The payoff is often times in better business performance and metrics, not just lower communications costs.  In medical offices, we help practices keep a full appointment book and avoid lost revenue.  For other businesses, we allow workers to be as effective on their mobile phones supporting customers as if they were at their desk.

Communications capabilities have expanded rapidly, costs have dropped, but the complexity can be daunting.  Proximiti provides business phone systems but also special communications services to meet the needs of our clients.

Our People
Just about all of us have worked together for over 10 years and many of us for over 15 years.  We are not a large company with high overhead, instead, we are highly experienced professionals that are customer centric and know that communications is vital to the business.  Pennies matter.  Professional service and relationships for both Proximiti and its clients are valued.  If you’re a client, you will often get to know key team members and we know who you are.  You won’t need to provide a customer account number from your bill to get service.

Communications Networks are Complex and Interconnected
Today’s communications networks are diverse and rely on a lot of moving parts.  Our CEO notes partly in jest, partly serious, that most of our clients like working with us “because they have one throat to choke” and it’s ours.

In today’s world, there isn’t a single network and the Internet is a collection of servers, switches, fiber, and more.  So it can get complicated but the reach and cost and capabilities are so valuable that it’s revamped the entire communications service landscape.  No one controls it but we can help you manage this new world.

Managing Communications Is a Big Part of What We Do
Proximiti has learned how to best manage communications networks that are both ours and those of other providers.  For many customers we install network monitoring devices that allow us to see exactly what’s going on and when problems arise, Proximiti often knows before our clients.  Preventing all problems isn’t practical for most business locations, particularly branches, etc. but fast fixes and network diversity can be important tools to maintaining operations.  For example, users of our phone system, if their internet goes down, incoming calls can be routed almost instantly to employee mobile devices.

Self Service Tools are Great but so is Human Support
Our self service tools are easy to use and can handle 95% of what arises.  But many of our clients facing turnover of personnel and also that they aren’t experts in communications services often simply call Proximiti for support.  We can handle most requests promptly and will keep you informed of progress and any issues you might face.

Our CEO Welcomes Comments and Inquiries
Have a good idea?  Or an issue we haven’t addressed?  Like something?  Gregg Smith, our CEO, will respond promptly if you send a message.  Click here to do so.  If he’s not around, another senior executive will reply and coordinate the proper response.