Why Proximiti Communications Services Improves Business Performance, Saves Money, and Increases Capability

small & medium business user Most businesses acquire their communications services from multiple providers and have a wide variety of user names, passwords, phone numbers, set up, and customization functions to perform.  Businesses purchase phones, pay an interconnect for PBX maintenance, use special services for marketing purposes, and have a local and long distance service provider.  Multiple companies to manage, pay, and service their offices.  Proximiti changes all of that with its integrated solutions.  Businesses will get more capabilities, integration, efficiency, and often save 30% or more on monthly expenses.  While some businesses acquire only certain components of the Proximiti system, most are interested in the total replacement with Proximiti bundled services.

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Unique Advantages of Proximiti Hosted Services for Business

Scheduled and On Demand Messaging including Text Messaging: Human phone calls are expensive and more frequently than ever not answered.  We support voice messaging, text messaging, and e-mail for outbound messaging.  We also provide a PC based text messaging solution that allows office personnel to text individuals or groups instead of having to place phone calls and is hugely popular with office staffs.

Proximiti Advanced Messaging

Employees get their Business Phone on their Smart Phone, Tablet or PC:  Most offices install phones provided by Proximiti as part of its Power PBX offering but also extend the service to make it much more useful.  Users download a Proximiti app that links them to our Power PBX, making that device an extension of their office phone system.  If out of the office, an employee uses the app on his or her phone, makes the call, and the recipient sees the office phone number.  Today, clients or prospects often don’t recognize the number and let it go to voice mail and then call the employee back.  Time waster and also the recipient now has the employee’s personal cell phone number.  That all goes away with Proximiti.

small & medium business user Call a co-worker from a client site by simply dialing their extension, even transfer calls like you are in the office.

Perfect for home based workers

Your business number is a Power Number, use it for all calling, messaging, and conferencing and collaboration

It's a Fully Integrated Service

Proximiti Power PBX
All at a fixed monthly price per user. No cap ex or monthly maintenance charges.
Savings of 30% or more for almost any Business.

Collaboration Included

If you use GoToMeeting or other web meeting software and pay for it as a separate service, you’ll understand immediately that having it integrated as part of the communications platform of Proximiti is so attractive to businesses.  Each business user gets a completely integrated collaboration suite using their office phone numbers as access numbers.

Proximiti Collaboration

Customized Apps for Business: Referrals, reputation, access to information from the Business by clients or prospects, and private messaging through a customized app using a Proximiti framework provides big benefits to a Business and will move from “cool” to a “necessity” in the next few years.  These apps can be used for client management and also includes the ability to support video and message based communications.

For businesses with limited IT resources here are some key facts they appreciate:
  • No cap ex required
  • Handsets for office or home use included in the monthly price
  • 24 x 7 network monitoring by Proximiti
  • Integration with your EHR/Business management software
  • Low training needs
  • Support all of the devices office staff may use for business/communications
For the numbers oriented, the platform services by Proximiti often save the typical business 30% or more on current spending while getting greatly increased value services.  And they don’t have to spend big money up front to get lower monthly bills down the road.  While every configuration is different, a quick back of the envelope look is that a business spends less than $40 per month per employee for all Proximiti services (phone system, unlimited local and LD, apps for office use, messaging, marketing, conferencing, webinars, and more) compared to $125 or more if acquired separately.

Proximiti Communications Services

Pricing, Setup, Moves, Adds, and Changes

It’s easy to order, install, set up, and maintain the Proximiti Power PBX, Power Numbers, and more.  You don’t have to include every service for every employee with three different price plans available per seat.  We also handle shared resources on a highly cost effective basis but make communications, messaging, and collaboration a single set of services.

If you add employees, simply add a seat.  If you have an employee leave, you can delete that user and your billing is changed automatically.  All on a convenient web portal with administrator access.  If you find that you wish to change the “seat capabilities” and associated pricing, it works the same.  Simply make the change and the services are instantly available or removed and the pricing is reset for the next calendar month.

Initial Consultation and Ordering Services

A Proximiti Sales Engineer can help you work through your options.  Here is the set of services you receive and the capabilities associated with the seats you need to acquire to support your business.

Recommended Solutions

Per Service and Not Per Seat Items Power Number for Knowledge Workers Mid-Level Power Number Basic Number for Other Users
Price $34.95 per month $24.95 per month $14.95 per month
Free Phones with 3 year contract Yes Yes Yes
Main Numbers for Location $29.95 per month
Stand Alone Fax Machine Numbers $29.95 per month
Virtual Receptionist Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage inbound calls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inbound/Outbound Nationwide Calling 2,000 minutes per number, 2.9 cents for additional minutes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Power Number for users is also Fax Number Yes Yes
Voice Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes
GoTools App for smart phones, tablets Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web interface for PC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Administrator Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Texting Yes Yes Yes
Proximiti Smart Messaging Yes Yes Yes
Voice Conferencing Yes Yes
iMeet Video Conferencing and Web Meeting

Getting Started Options

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