Automated Patient Care Management Solutions From Proximiti

  • Develop totally automated programs for care management in days
  • More often mix automated patient interactions managed by Proximiti with care managers to increase efficiencies and participation rates
  • Proximiti delivers automated interactions for patients via automated voice calls, text messages, e-mail, even messages to customized apps per a schedule
  • The care management group does not need any special equipment or network resources to operate program
  • Use prebuilt script templates and proven flows to boost effectiveness of programs
  • Limited up-front costs per program
  • Very low transaction costs
  • Ability to record every transaction
  • Log interactions with patient responses
  • Analyze results and take action
  • Route calls to correct resources

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Powerful Economics To Include Proximiti Automated Communications Capabilities
Patient Interactions
  • Proximiti Contacts Patients via Automated Calls, Text Messages, and E-Mails
  • Over 70% of Potential Targets Compared to Outbound Phone Calls by Agents of 40% or Less
Significant Cost Savings
  • Human Calling Costs $1 Per Minute (Average Loaded Cost) Versus 10 Cents for an Automated Transaction
  • Text Messaging and E-Mail Will Dramatically Improve the Population Participation Rate as well as Reduce Program Operating Costs
  • Proximiti is Expert at Blending Automated and Human Supported Programs to Boost Participation and Lower Effective Costs and Generate Positive Returns On Investment
  • Fast To Implement and Low Cost For New Programs

It's a New Era In Health Care Delivery

Managed care and care management programs of different types are now becoming more commonplace and the benefits to everyone involved are demonstrable and effective.  It’s challenging to launch and implement these programs from staffing to protocols to data security and patient engagement.  There is no perfect program and most health care organizations, even the largest health insurance companies, have finite resources to define, implement, staff, and manage these programs.

Proximiti can help you dramatically improve existing programs, quickly launch new programs, and rip away the up- front time and costs of getting programs operating.  And in our 4th year of working with real live programs, we’ve also developed some best practices on patient engagement models to make your programs more effective.

The return on investment by every Proximiti partner to date is over 1,000%!  Patient satisfaction is very high too with an A- score on a recent whitepaper for the value of the program with most patients interestingly and positively ascribing the program to reflect that it showed their doctor still cared!  Click on whitepapers above to get a copy of this whitepaper.

What Proximiti Does For Care Management Programs

Care Management features Program Design: Proximiti client typically are interested in developing new care management programs or improving the cost effectiveness of existing programs by using automated communications to contact patients.  Scripting, call handling, data capture, reporting, and call routing for certain conditions are critical to these efforts.  Proximiti has prebuilt templates that offer a fast starting point but also a powerful script engine and work process flow architecture that makes programs fast to design and quick to implement.

Care Management features Contacting Patients: The primary day to day involvement of Proximiti is using scheduled messaging to contact patients to disburse information and to also for most programs collect information from the patient.  These interactions can be done with Proximiti communications tools including automated calling with IVR scripts, text messaging, a customized app, or e-mail.  Each user can be contacted with any of these tools and a care manager or the patient can indicate the best one.  You can even escalate for example start with a text message and if no answer, use an automated call.

Care Management features Data Management: Proximiti works with its partners to both create daily interaction population contact files but then also to collect and report that information back to the partner.  These can be simple file transfers or more integrated real time (most programs use daily file transfers).

Care Management features Analytics: Most programs are designed for Proximiti to score responses received from patients and to then take other actions based on those scores.  These can be adjusted over time.  Typically, if there is a negative interaction in terms of expected responses, an alert is passed to the care management team or even a live call for follow up.  This proactive approach pays substantial dividends in many care management programs in diverting potential emergency room visitors to medical office visits.

Care Management features Call Transfers and Future Interaction Capabilities: Care management today with remote case workers is typically over the phone but there is increased interest in using video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities.  Care managers can be key assets for patients and the health care systems employing them to deliver better results and leverage the work of staff.

How It Works

Proximiti is a hosted communications company with cloud based servers and communications networks in data centers.  Here they are supported by redundant network resources from major carriers and complete back up programs including near real time cutover to other locations.  The Proximiti Advanced Messaging Network can create automated messages from scripts and data file integration to contact patients via voice call, text, or e-mail or even a message push to a customized app.

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Care Managers Like It Too

There is nothing harder in any call center environment than having staff manage outbound calls, leaving voice mail messages, and getting low participation rates.  It’s not only expensive on a labor management basis, it increases turnover and reduces employee satisfaction.  So not only does Proximiti increase population reach, lowers the cost of routine interactions by 90% or more, but also assists care managers in relieving them from the drudgery of initiating their own communications sessions.  These are all design goals of most programs and Proximiti has a solid record in assisting its clients attain these goals. Care Manager

Next Steps and Pricing Structure

Proximiti has worked with clients large and small on programs of all sizes.  Obviously the first step is to discuss your needs, time frames, objectives, and available resources.  Proximiti has experience that can be valuable at any stage of your projects or effort and there is new information and capabilities arriving almost daily.  So whether a seasoned organization looking to add apps, scheduled messaging, and texting to your program our just starting out, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your needs.

Program Costs:
  • The upfront costs of a new client initiation are typically less than $10,000 depending upon the data integration requirements
  • New programs are typically less than $5,000 in upfront costs and once the first one or two are completed by both teams, it may be sharply lower
  • Daily transaction costs are the number of communications events (voice call minutes, texts, e-mails sent) and are approximately 10 cents per minute/event with a minimum commitment and also applicable volume discounts for larger users
  • No other program charges (data transfers, etc.) unless out of the ordinary course of business
  • No cost for data reports

Getting Started Options

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