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Fax service remains important for many businesses and for others, it’s used less often but is still a key component of any communications system.  Proximiti offers a diverse set of fax capabilities that can be configured for your needs.

There are three primary scenarios for faxing in today’s office:
  • Users can receive or send faxes but don’t need to feed a fax machine or scanner to input source documents
  • An office often uses a fax machine to take source paper documents and forward to another location via fax instead of scanning and e-mailing
  • Your office needs a central fax number but you don’t use a fax machine
And of course, there can be hybrids of the above.  A client needs to fax a copy of a drivers license or other source document to your office.  They are using a fax machine to do so.  Power Number here works just fine.  Here’s how:

Power Number Users Receive Faxes Automatically on their Power Number

Most of Proximiti users get fax mail as part of their Power Number.  They can receive faxes on incoming calls to their Power Number as the Proximiti switch recognizes the fax tones before the call is delivered to the user and the fax is captured and then inserted into their inbox (Shout!) and optionally as an e-mail into that inbox (or both).  There are no special fax numbers to remember.

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Power Number Users Can Use GoTools App to Send Faxes

From any smart phone, tablet, or PC a Power Number user can send a fax by opening Shout! (the Proximiti Messaging application that is part of GoTools, a free app or by accessing the Proximiti web page and logging in), select a contact or contacts, attaching a document, picture, or PDF.

You can even send faxes from your smart phone or tablet and even a picture.  Just open GoTools and select Shout and pick a contact, attach any kind of file, and select fax.  Proximiti takes care of the rest.  You can even send it as an e-mail (most common use).

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Using a Central Office Machine to Send and Receive Faxes

Many offices still have the need to take source document in printed form and send to other locations.  Fax usage has declined but it’s still helpful in certain situations.  Here’s how Proximiti provides stand-alone fax machine support for today’s new office communications services.

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Your Office Needs a Central Fax Number But Can Use PCs, Tablets, and Smart Phones to Send or Receive Faxes

In this case, the business doesn’t need a fax machine but would still like the capability to send and receive faxes on a separate number.  Using Proximiti, we provide or port your existing fax number and capture inbound faxes with the Power PBX and convert to e-mail with the fax as an attachment and can forward to one or multiple addresses. 

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Pricing and Terms and Conditions

Fax services are included as part of every Power Number (no separate charge).

For stand-alone fax machines with their own independent fax number, the monthly charge is $34.95 with a cap of 4,000 pages.  A one-time purchase and installation of the adaptor is $199.

Fax Service Pricing Set Up Charge Monthly Charge Conditions
Power Number Users no charge no charge unlimited
Stand Alone Virtual Fax Number $29 $19.99 unlimited
Separate Fax Number and Machine $199 $34.99 4,000 pages per month

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