Medium and Large Business Bundled Service Options

Your firm has studied closely the development of cloud based services and may even be using it for specific functions like backup and other common IT needs.  It is commonly used for collaboration services sold as separate applications for most companies today.  The time is now, however, for actively considering how to leverage Cloud services for all traditional voice calling needs, advanced messaging services, and collaboration.  Skype for Business may look appealing, but the cost dynamics are at best uncertain and it’s not easy to deploy.  So why not take a look at how a Cloud based communications service provider can integrate needed communications services into tailored seat configurations in a model that is easy to deploy, delivers powerful services, and provides the value of the new IP configurations to meet the needs of your diverse business.

Proximiti Leverages the Cloud Like No Other Provider

Medium to Large Business user Communications technologies have made it much more complex for businesses to interact with clients, prospects, associates, partners, and others.  Proximiti can help your business simplify your communications infrastructure and offers bundled services that replace much of what you use today but also offers stand-alone services that can be fit into your current infrastructure.

Moving to the Cloud makes considerable sense on a general architecture basis, but what are the real business benefits of this new approach?

CONTACTING CUSTOMERS VIA PHONE CALLING AND E-MAIL ISN’T TIMELY OR EFFECTIVE Use Proximiti’s Advanced Messaging to include text and app based messaging.
MY EMPLOYEES USE PERSONAL CELL PHONES MAKING OUR PBX LESS RELEVANT Proximiti Power PBX with GoTools App makes employee devices part of your PBX and their business number is now on every device.
MY BUSINESS CAN’T SEND OUT TEXT MESSAGES FROM OUR BUSINESS PHONE NUMBERS Proximiti can text enable your business phone numbers and offers a PC and app interface that lets your employees send and receive text messages.
MY EMPLOYEES HAS MULTIPLE SERVICES FOR PHONE, CONFERENCING, WEB MEETINGS, AND CUSTOMER COMMUNICATIONS Give every employee our Power Number product that includes voice, fax, texting, conferencing, and more on a single number.
MY COMPANY DOESN’T REALLY KNOW HOW MANY COMMUNICATIONS EVENTS WE HAVE EVERY DAY Most companies find great value in Proximiti combined reports that can accurately capture communications activity and also for certain applications integrated with management systems.
MY COMPANY DOESN’T HAVE ITS OWN APP FOR CLIENTS AND PROSPECTS Use Proximiti’s app builder and hosting services to get your own app up and running fast.

Benefits Extend Beyond New IP Powered Services

Medium to Large Business user Your company can save 30% or more by purchasing bundled services from Proximiti compared to acquiring them separately.  The bundles include functional integration as well—being able to click on a message for example and have a call instantly connected via Proximiti services.
To get a complete view of Proximiti services for Mid and Large Business, click here for the features and benefits.  It’s a quick read and easy to understand.  Proximiti provides your company and employees with the real time communications services, advanced messaging capabilities, and collaboration tools all in integrated services using Power Number.  Not every employee has the same needs so you can optimize your spending to only provide the capabilities required and save even more money.

For no charge, Proximiti will even transfer the numbers you already use to its system and can do so in a few business days.

POWER PBX included

Pricing with Proximiti is easy. Most companies have two main needs with voice calling and other communications services.  The first is for numbers not assigned to a person in the office.  The second need is for users.

Medium/Large Business Bundle Pricing and Features

*Proximiti Power PBX is provided at no charge.  Very sophisticated auto-attendant capabilities. Unlimited capacity.  No more buying of “lines” or trying to guess quantities of inbound calls.

The second set of services needing to be acquired are for individual users.  Proximiti makes it easy to assign a set of services for each user and as noted above, you can change user types and make moves, adds, and changes on the Proximiti web site to instantly change your service and billing.  Proximiti calls all three versions of individual user service configurations---Power Number.  You can mix and match the seat types you need to support your business.

Power Number Executive Power Number Executive: Each Power Number user gets a unique phone number (can be ported), extension for internal calling, virtual receptionist, voice mail, fax mail, conferencing, collaboration (web meetings), GoTools app that can be on PC, tablet, and smart phone (or all three) and unlimited local and long distance services.  Business phone number works on desk phones, PC, tablet, or smart phone by using GoTools app.  Do web meetings from any PC, tablet, or smart phone in or out of the office.  $34.95 per month.  Less than what a user pays for web meeting services alone—get everything for one low price and save big.  No charge for 800 number in addition to local number.

Power Number Power Number: This is used by most personnel in Proximiti client companies and includes all of the features of the Power Number Executive edition but is limited to 2,500 minutes of use per month with extra minutes costing 2.9 cents.  There is no free 800 number provided.  Most business users average between 500 and 1,000 minutes of use per month not counting conference calls.  With conference calling, this plan will still support most users.  $24.95 per month.

Power Number Basic User Power Number Basic User: This user gets all of the services except for conferencing and web meeting tools and do not get a free personal 800 number.  This is often used by office staff and support personnel that need voice mail, fax, business text, and related services.  They get the GoTools app too (all Power Number users can the GoTools app) that can be put on any of their devices.  They are limited to 1,500 minutes per month with additional minutes costing 2.9 cents.  $14.95 per month.

Here’s How You Buy Proximiti Medium & Large Business Bundled Services

Survey the phone numbers you use for your business that aren’t assigned to particular people as a personal business tool.  Here’s a listing of commonly needed office numbers.
  • Main Number
  • Fax Number
  • Customer Support Number
  • Inside Sales Number
Then take a look at your office workers and their needs.  You simply order the appropriate number of seats in each category.

Medium & Large Business Bundle Pricing

Bundle Items Monthly Cost
  Main Office Numbers $29.95
  Stand Alone Fax Machines $29.95
  Customer Support Numbers $29.95
  Inside Sales Numbers $29.95
Power Number Users:
  Executive $34.95
  Standard $24.95
  Basic $14.95

Click Here for Pricing Comparisons and Cost Savings Examples

Getting Started Options

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