Medical Offices Use Proximiti Power PBX and Messaging Services to Improve Their Practice

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Proximiti’s communications services can be acquired individually by medical offices or often bundled into integrated solutions that replace current spending on phone systems, local and long distance, and maintenance costs. 

Medical offices can often save 30% or more on monthly spending and get important new capabilities to better support today’s communications needs.

Proximiti’s Power PBX Supports Array of Desktop Phones, Any Smart Phone, Tablet, or PC and Mac to be an extension on your Power PBX

Proximiti delivers to medical offices a virtual Power PBX and a wide variety of office phones but also offers an accompanying app that can be downloaded to any tablet, PC, or smartphone to be an extension on the PBX.  Use traditional phones or almost any internet connected device as a phone all using the same extension.  An often unrecognized benefit: eliminate maintenance costs for your phone system and save significantly on local and long distance costs with Proximiti.  The savings often will pay for all of these companion services. medical office user

Doctors No Longer Have to Make Cell Phone Number Visible to Patients

doctor calling patient For doctors on call, an answering service can inform a doctor to call a patient and the doctor can return the call to the patient from their mobile phone with the caller ID being the phone number of the practice.  Many doctors routinely report that patients don’t answer the first call from the doctor due to not recognizing the number being received and instead the doctor ends up in voice mail.  They also note that it’s not a good practice for patients to get their cell phone number as they may call it after hours even if the doctor isn’t on call.  Easily configure the Power PBX from any PC, smartphone, or tablet to accommodate changes and even route appointment setting calls to special answering services. 

Scheduled Practice Messaging

Campaign Manager is used by thousands of doctors for automated outbound communications to patients for appointment reminders and other purposes.  Campaign Manager integrates with your practice management software or can accept file exports.  It contacts patients via automated voice calls, text messaging, or e-mail and includes automated retry capabilities. 

Proven time saver and reduces no shows by 30% or more.
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On Demand Messaging from Office PCs, Laptops, or Tablets

on-demand patient messaging Using Proximiti services, your staff can text anyone or to complete lists from a PC, smart phone, or tablet.  Practices often need to contact individual patients for administrative or medical matters.  A proven process is to deliver messages via text to patient phones.  The reasons are simple: it’s less than 5 cents for a text message versus $5 or more for a phone call and it works better.  Over 80% of phone calls aren’t answered today and over 95% of text messages are answered within 15 minutes.

Marketing Messaging for Practice

Many medical practices see significant benefits of sending articles or newsletters or even video and audio content to their patients.  Depending upon practice type, this can generate demand for visits to use unspent amounts in Health Savings Accounts or simply tie practices closer to their patients.  Proximiti’s Messaging functionality lets a practice create lists and to send text, audio, video, or documents to patients via text or e-mail.
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iMeet Is Included

iMeet and Proximiti Many practices today use special services for conference calls or web meetings.  By using Proximiti, you can set up a conference call or web meeting on the fly, have video meetings with two users up to 50, access powerful features to make meetings more productive, and even record calls or meetings.  Share documents.  You can do it all from any device including tablets, PCs, smart phones, desk phones, or almost any other internet connected device.  No more special numbers and it’s incredibly easy for users. 

Integrated conferencing and even webinar capabilities included at no extra charge.

App for Your Practice

Don’t have an app yet for your practice?  Proximiti can generate a custom app for you in a few short days and support the program for a modest fee monthly.  Low set up charges.  App can support video, audio, files, text, calendar events and messaging.  Free to patients.  Consumers increasingly use mobile phones to search for items and with a custom app from Proximiti you can deliver a great experience.
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Get a brand new phone system and great services including the customized app and text messaging with no capital expenditure or long installation process and a very modest service initiation cost.  Keep your same phone numbers, fax machines, and you can order optional phone handsets (none required).  Single user ID and password for each individual user makes life easier but still very secure.  Proximiti client firms often save 30% or more on current spending, get increased capabilities, simple administration, and features customized for professional firms.

Recommended Solutions

Per Service and Not Per Seat Items Physicians Nurses Staff
Price $49.99 per month $29.99 per month $24.95 per month
Free Phones for 3 year contract Yes Yes Yes
Main Number for Location $29.95 per month
Stand Alone Fax Machine Numbers $29.95 per month
Virtual Receptionist Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage inbound calls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inbound/Outbound Nationwide Calling 2,000 minutes per number, 2.9 cents for additional minutes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
On Call from Mobile Phones Yes Yes
Voice Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes
GoTools App for smart phones, tablets Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web interface for PC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Administrator Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Texting Yes Yes Yes
Scheduled Messaging Yes
Voice Conferencing Yes Yes
iMeet Video Conferencing and Web Meeting Yes

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