Proximiti Power Number for Power PBX

Proximiti has totally reinvented the concept of a phone number or phone extension with its Power Number capability.  It works on any device or all of your interconnected devices and even with a Proximiti desk phone.  Power Number provides these complimentary capabilities making your business life easier to manage for you and others working with you.  It works just like a regular phone number but adds a lot more!

Everyone dials your phone number or extension and can do any of these things

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Power Number user I can use my business phone number on my desk phone, it’s an app on my smart phone, and even on a PC.  I can do online meetings anywhere. I can transfer calls to associates just like I was on my own Proximiti desk phone.  No one has to know special numbers.  It’s really easy and we are getting a lot more done.

Charles Reville
Real Estate Professional

Power Number Features

  • It’s your business phone number and extension but it works anywhere
  • Get a business number for your smart phone instantly
  • It’s not just a number, it’s unified communications
  • You can set up how it works, even by time of day
  • You get a virtual receptionist that answers every call and users pick the option
  • It’s your fax number and conferencing number too
  • Use it on your tablet or PC too
  • You can text from the GoTools app and also
  • Can forward to any other phone number
  • Optional 800 number (not text enabled)
  • Call other Proximiti Power Number Users for free worldwide!
*you can even port to Proximiti your existing phone number (United States)

Power Number App Goes On Any Mobile Device and Your PC

Easily manage all of your communications with the GoTools app that is part of your Power Number.  Unique to you with all of the tools you need for business communications in one simple app.

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Easily Manage Your Phone Number from Any Device

It’s easy to configure and change. There are even time of day and day of week settings.

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Callers Dial Your Number

This is the real genius of Proximiti Power Number.  It includes a virtual receptionist that answers every call.  The voice can be your own greeting or you can use the Proximiti provided professional voice.  Callers select what they would like to do from talking with you directly, leaving you a message, sending you a fax, joining your conference, retrieving information like pricelists or product information via text message, and more.  If a caller is using a fax machine, the virtual receptionist immediately recognizes the fax and captures the transmission.  They can even send text messages to your business number.

Your Experience

When someone calls your number and wants to speak with you (and you are receiving calls), your phone or tablet will buzz or otherwise alert you of an incoming call or your PC screen will immediately show an incoming call (if internet connected).

You can answer the call like any other call.

If they have left a message or sent a fax, you will get alerted to new messages in your inbox.  Open the app or log into the web site, and you’ll be able to listen to a voice mail message or review a fax.  If you get a text message, you will have the same experience.  Your inbox on your app or personal web pages at Proximiti have all of your messages in one place---voice mail, text messages, and fax.  One place to go, easy to manage.

If you want to make a call or send a text using your business number, simply open the app or access your Proximiti web page and click on Shout (the name of our text messaging function) or the dialer.  You can type in the number or just start inputting the first letters of the first or last name.  The Power Number App immediately loads matching records from your address book, you select, and away you go.

Messaging Is Incredibly Powerful with Proximiti Power Number

Your phone number is three mailboxes in one:
  • Voice mail
  • Fax mail
  • Text Messaging using your business phone number
Access and reply to your messages any number of ways but the most commonly used by Proximiti clients is the GoTools App and a function we call Shout! Simply open Shout! And review any message and instantly reply and add others to your message stream.

You can access voice mail on the phone but you can also click on the app to listen and reply or even have your voice mail messages sent to your e-mail inbox. Fax mail is available on Shout or you can view it too as an attachment to an automatic e-mail.

Unlike other messaging functionality, Proximiti’s Shout is really smart and makes business easy.
  • You can create lists of almost any size
  • You can create a message including any type of content or forward any message or data you have from text to pictures to documents
  • You can save your lists
  • Shout! sends the message using its smarts: other Power Number users get their message in their own Shout! inbox, if you only have a cellphone number, the message is delivered via text message with a link that the recipient clicks to view anything you send along, or if all you have is their e-mail, it will go as an e-mail. Perfect for easy information dissemination to groups, working teams, and more.
Shout! users Shout! is great for keeping our team up to date on what we’re doing wherever they are!  Incredibly powerful, easy to use!


At any time, you can access a complete log of your activity.  You can check anytime or set up periodic reports to be sent to you or the billing department or assistant.  No more reviewing cell phone bills for billable time.  Perfect for billing for hours worked or simply checking on your most frequent contacts.  See who replied to messages!  It’s your control center for the activity around your business.  Includes voice calls and all types of messages.

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