Integrators, VARs, Network Service Providers, Software Companies Find Proximiti Services Key Components For Solution Oriented Deployments

There is great value for clients getting pre-assembled systems including communications capabilities as they move to integrate real time communications with business management systems.  Companies everywhere are dealing with increasing cost pressures, end users initiating and responding to a variety of platforms, and cloud or premise based software that delivers greater value if integrated with flexible communications capabilities.  Network service providers are offering cloud based communications too and the power of mobile apps integrated with a virtual PBX architecture can drive down complexity and communications costs for clients.

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Proximiti Solution Set

Use any or all of these components for your complete service or in projects for clients.  Over 50% of Proximiti’s business is derived from wholesale type arrangements whereby end users purchase a service that includes major components from Proximiti that are integrated within an overall service agreement.

Network Elements

Proximiti Elements Phone Numbers: Proximiti can provide you with phone numbers for service needs or even port existing phone numbers to its solution sets.  Phone numbers can be customer facing or in certain situations invisible to users and be deployed to comply with regulatory requirements or service monitoring.
Proximiti Elements Text Enable Any Phone Number: Texting is growing rapidly and Proximiti can allow you to text enable almost any number.  You can then use Proximiti services to send and receive texts from any device.  This is a critical capability for almost any business that works with consumers.
Proximiti Elements Auto Attendant: Inbound call processing can be used for call routing and message delivery and even for information retrieval.  Proximiti’s flexible auto attendant capabilities allow for department, individual, service, and even overall company call routing to be scalable, manageable, and flexible.
Proximiti Elements Power PBX: The old idea that the network ended at your premise phone room is passé with the advent of the cloud based phone system offered by Proximiti.  Get great features and incredible price performance and support any device anywhere as an extension off of your hosted Proximiti Power PBX.  Can be configured for small groups to the largest enterprises.
Proximiti Elements SIP Trunking: Use VOIP to improve flexibility and costs of completing and receiving calls from anywhere in the world.  Proximiti SIP Trunks are highly cost effective and are a key building block for next generation communications systems.
Proximiti Elements Advanced Messaging/Unified Messaging: Proximiti’s most popular service is its Advanced Messaging Solution Set that allows any company to set up a private with public messaging network support.  Can include voice, text, e-mail, fax, app to app messaging, and coming instant messaging and presence.  Advanced messaging can be linked to phone numbers or ran in a stand-alone mode.
Proximiti Elements App Framework: Linking employees, clients, and prospects now often require strong support for mobile users.  For many needs, a custom app can deliver both real time communications and information resources that greatly exceed the ease and capabilities of a traditional web site.  Proximiti’s app framework can allow you to design, deliver, and implement apps in hours and for a fraction of the cost of in-house or custom designed solutions.
Proximiti Elements Operational Support Systems: Initiating service designs, set up, configuration, management, billing, customer support, and moves/adds/changes are all key parts of any communications enabled service.  Proximiti’s flexible architecture includes embedded OSS and can also be linked to support other systems.

Examples of Service Configurations

Proximiti Client Services Provided by Proximiti Why Use Proximiti
Major Wireless Carrier Uses advanced messaging for voice mail along with special enhanced services based on auto-attendant technologies to differentiate service Designed from bottom up to meet needs of seniors and their families. Serves hundreds of thousands of users
Major Health Insurance Company Advanced Messaging and Call Routing Capabilities Messaging and data collection costs 20 to 40 cents per transaction compared to $10 or more using human operators.  Sophisticated call routing boosts usability and productivity of care management professionals.
Software Companies Advanced Messaging, integrate app framework, Power PBX Software management systems for office management integrated with Proximiti Advanced Messaging and inbound/outbound communications boosts business results and improves selling value of software
App Providers (particularly messaging) Uses Proximiti for phone numbers, SIP trunking, and other advanced messaging services Leverage user interface and user community to add other communications services or to add communications services to an informational app

How to Partner with Proximiti

Let’s talk about what you need or are looking for or if you want to kick around various ideas, we might be able to help.  If you look at where value is being created in today’s new economy, it’s often with horizontal business models that combine best of breed elements of adjacent offerings and leveraging the natural distribution efficiencies that may be created.

End users demand power and simplicity and with smart phones, PCs, tablets and more combined with voice, text, and other forms of communications, the complexity can be daunting.  Companies need to upgrade their communications infrastructure to support these diverse opportunities to interact intelligently and cost effectively.  Proximiti can provide you a complete framework or key components and vertical oriented solutions that drive real results.

We have the technology capabilities of a large communications service provider but the orientation of a detailed network integration company.  Leverage this mindset and capabilities to build your business in partnership with Proximiti.  That’s how we’ve built our company to date.

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