Conferencing and Collaboration

In person business meetings are still a key part of business but are now easily extended to virtual meetings with voice conferencing, video meetings, and on line reviews of presentations.  Most business communications systems for companies utilize separate services, sometimes more than one, and these involve separate phone numbers, log in procedures, and more.

Meetings might be scheduled: Collaboration efforts might be official meetings or just ad hoc sessions with one or more associates, clients, or partners. 

Conferencing and Collaboration graphic Conferencing and Collaboration graphic

Using Proximiti Conferencing and Collaboration

There are three big advantages to Proximiti’s Conferencing and Collaboration services:
  • It can be used for any type of meeting
    • Simple voice conference calls
    • Video conference
    • Screen sharing and video conferencing
  • Users can access any meeting easily by simply dialing your Proximiti Power Number of extension
    • Very useful tool is for the meeting to simply call out to participants, no more dialing in
    • You can access any meeting from any device
  • It’s built into your monthly cost of a seat
    • sold as a separate service is typically $39 to $49 per month

Proximiti Conferencing graphic Voice Conference Calls: Inbound callers to a conference simply dial your extension or Power Number and follow the voice prompts.  Easy.  You can require a password to enter a meeting or keep it open.
Proximiti Conferencing graphic Video Conferencing: Easily have video conferencing without special software and simply by having visitors log into the Proximiti web site from their PC and enter your power number.
Proximiti Conferencing graphic Web Meetings: Same as video conferencing but share your desktop, record meetings, and more.

iMeet is Intuitive and Easy to Use

Business is finding great time savings and better results by using online collaboration tools.  iMeet is included as part of the collaboration tools that are part of your Power Number (most versions of Power Number).  Use iMeet for all of your meeting needs and with the GoTools app, you can also host and access meetings from any tablet or smart phone.

iMeet and Proximiti

Pricing and Options

All conferencing and collaboration services are included as part of the Power Number service configurations except for Basic Users.  It can also be acquired as a standalone service.  Here are the respective parameters of the service sets:

Getting Started Options

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