SIP Trunking and Other Network Services of Proximiti

Proximiti SIP Trunking Proximiti provides a range of core network services for voice over IP deployments on behalf of carriers, corporate clients, and IT professional firms.

Some of these engagements arise in the building of totally new networks and service offerings while other deployments are parts of an overall solution including equipment and services of other providers.  Proximiti’s own network includes access to a range of other network providers allowing for least cost routing models and is an excellent value for off-net or bypass strategies.

Phone Numbers

Phone numbers can be used for personal and business communications but are also now deployed in IOT service offerings and can be mapped to a wide range of service offerings.  These numbers can be in the foreground or in the background and can be paired with Proximiti origination and termination services as well.  Phone numbers can also be listed or unlisted in directory service engines.  Proximiti can also help arrange or directly provide via its own suppliers 911 and other services.  Accounting for phone numbers is an ancillary service but reports are provided allowing for compliance with local, state, and national tax and regulatory requirements.  Pricing can be a la carte (per function provided) or on a blended per number basis.


In complex configurations, Proximiti can provide originating network services.  Pricing is based on underlying costs and is typically an agreed upon margin less volume rebates.


This is a much more common deployment requirement in complex configurations of services and pricing is often again a cost plus model for higher volume clients.  Lower volume clients less sensitive to minimizing network costs to the lowest levels can request fixed price SIP trunking offerings.  In both the origination and termination models, it’s important for Proximiti network personnel to review the service configuration architecture and usage models to determine mutually advantageous business models.

Proximiti’s core advantage in offering SIP trunking directly to clients or as part of a service offering of partners is its ability to provide a worldwide network with a strong emphasis on USA based services needing a national footprint.

SIP Trunking Most Common Deployment Model

While most companies are now seeking full cloud models for PBX type functionality and Proximiti provides bundled services, other companies are retaining on site PBX configurations but utilizing SIP trunking to reduce overall network costs.  In these models, a legacy PBX is often retained but Proximiti may place equipment too at the premise to allow for IP network services to be included as part of a network design.  Proximiti’s experience and innovative network management capabilities can assure your company the best mix of solid reliability, real time management, and low cost dynamics.

Pricing can be fixed for a trunk per month but is more often a bundle of minutes (inbound, outbound, 800 based too) for a fixed price with a low per minute overage price.  In any case, Proximiti will often be the most attractive partner to provide such services when measured from a cost per minute, network architecture, and ongoing management requirements for sophisticated buyers of these services.

Let’s Discuss Your Application and Needs and We’ll Provide a Quote in 2 Business Days or Less

Many of our clients that use our SIP services also seek to include other services we provide such as advanced messaging, our app framework, or other service sets so a blended mix along with volume estimates can allow Proximiti to deliver you with a comprehensive quote that is often less expensive than purchasing two separate network components individually.

Proximiti also understands that some clients are seeking assistance in network design and operation and we are happy to provide general guidelines at no charge and our consulting services for more elaborate efforts are a fraction of other companies that do not provide services.  Proximiti operates its network 7 x 24 using a wide range of alarms, network re-routing, and other practices to maximize uptime and provide comprehensive reporting, limit to the greatest extent possible potential fraud, and other functions required to operate a worldwide IP network.

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