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You have a small business with you and up to five other employees and may not have a physical office and primarily use wireless phones for communications.  You need a main phone number and a virtual phone system that allows you to appear organized and more like larger companies.  Proximiti Power Number allows you to have a business phone number, an auto attendant with custom prompts that is easily managed, instant call routing to your wireless phone, time of day and time of week settings that apply to call routing, an integrated fax service, conferencing, video conferencing, web meetings and importantly, business texting using your business phone number.

Proximiti’s GoTools App (included at no charge) goes on any mobile device, smart phone, or PC allowing you to use every feature, even transfer calls instantly to an associate, and more.

Simple to use and a fair flat rate.

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Pricing and Product Options for Proximiti Entrepreneur Phone Services

Pick the bundled option that fits your needs.  It’s simple to set up and Proximiti is here to help.  If you have an existing phone number, we can port that number to Proximiti in just a few days.  If you need a business phone number, when you are signing up, you can select from available numbers or even request us to find available numbers in your area code that might fit your business.

Every bundled option includes the same set of features.  Your best pricing option is the number of extensions you need and also by the number of minutes you expect to use each month.  We would be happy to assist you in determining the right plan.  You can also change your plan at any time and the new price will be effective the following calendar month.  Need to add users or extensions, do it immediately on the Proximiti web portal or your GoTools app or call customer support and we’ll do it for you.

Plan Single User 1 to 3 Users 4 to 6 Users
Maximum Extensions 5 9 9
Minutes of local and long distance calling (US) (monthly)* 750 750 1500
Extra Minutes 2.9 cents 2.9 cents 2.9 cents
Optional 800 # (in addition to local number) $4.99 per month $4.99 per month $4.99 per month
Monthly Subscription $9.99 $19.99 $29.99
One Time Set Up Charge $9.99 $9.99 $9.99

*if you are calling other employees using the GoTools app, those calls are free.  These minute bundles are generally more than sufficient for most users.  The average business user in an office uses less than 500 minutes monthly.  Heavy conferencing users tend to need larger minute bundles.

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Compare Proximiti’s Entrepreneur Phone Service to Doing It Yourself

If you order a business line from a traditional phone company, you often pay a $50 or more set up charge and monthly minimum charges are around $50.  Conferencing is extra.  You also have to buy your own office phone system, phones, and fax machines.  You typically don’t get auto-attendant services and your business phone number cannot be used for text messaging.

Getting Started Options

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