About Proximiti Communications


Proximiti was founded in late 2004 to capitalize on the growing importance of IP communications technologies and to integrate wireless applications and solutions.

The Proximiti team has over 400 years of combined experience in telecommunications and software and is a spin off of a publicly traded company formed by the founders.  Key team members of Proximiti were also with Z-Tel and previously with Accenture, Bell South, Bank of America’s operations team, and more.  There is a strong culture of entrepreneurial activity but also consciousness of the effort required to operate 24 x 7 mission critical services.  Anticipating changes and developing both a technology and network framework to adapt business processes to new models is a key capability of Proximiti.

Proximiti has invested over $15MM in software and network assets including a significant investment in its own proprietary architectures.  Many client needs can be met with standard products offered by Proximiti but for other opportunities, the Proximiti platform is configured to meet specific needs.

Proximiti has always been a “Cloud” company and SAAS provider before these were considered attractive by many clients.  Proximiti serves as an important communications integrator and service provider to large insurance companies and many medical firms.  It provides dial tone and VOIP services to small and medium businesses nationwide and with a particular emphasis on firms with multiple offices.  Over 300,000 people access directly or through partner offerings Proximiti services each day.


Proximiti Technologies is first an innovation and product development company.  It has been funded by its management team.  The company is privately held with all employees being share owners and or being incentivized with stock options.