Proximiti's Office Phone System Architecture Meets a Wide Range of Needs for Today's Business

Today’s office isn’t like the ones of five years ago.  Home based workers, mobile workers, smaller branch locations, hoteling of phones, and the preponderance of mobile devices has changed communications needs immensely.  The traditional business phone system only works for a rapidly diminishing number of companies but there remains the need to provide for inbound calling to a main set of numbers, call routing, and other functions.  Proximiti’s Power PBX allows you to support almost any configuration needs you might face and can be changed on both the administrator and user levels.

Proximiti supports with its Power PBX and it’s network configuration the use of any device as an extension:

Phones & Power PBX graphic Phones: You can select from a number of different phones (see below) to be used in your office environments or they can be plugged in at home (into an Internet router) for at home workers.  All of the call transfer functions and other common PBX features work like you are in the office from call transfers to 3 or 4 digit extension dialing.  No more location concerns: support branch locations like another desk in the office.
Phones & Power PBX graphic Mobile Devices: By using the GoTools app (provided by Proximiti), you can make any internet connected device a working telephone extension just like it was a regular office phone.  All functions work and your employees get a second line on a mobile device dedicated for your business.  No more sharing of personal cell phone numbers and it works seamlessly with the Proximiti Power PBX.
Phones & Power PBX graphic Personal Computers: Any laptop or personal computer can also be a fully functional phone and extension on your Proximiti Power PBX.  Visual calling, voice mail, web conferencing, and document sharing are all supported and the computer can be a great device for managing your business communications.
Phones & Power PBX graphic Set-Up: If you install office phones from Proximiti, they plug into your Local Area Network and do not need separate phone jacks.  Proximiti has a number of solutions around installation to insure high quality voice calling.

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