Proximiti Products Improve Any Business While Often Reducing Costs By 30% or More

  • Limited if any capital expenditures required
  • Installation and training simple and low cost
  • Highly flexible—go from a single user to thousands simply adding seats
  • Supports multiple locations
  • Address real time voice communications, collaboration, messaging, and mobile users with a single solution
  • Cloud based solution provides
Proximiti provides a complete suite of communications services needed by businesses big and small.  You can select from bundled offerings that provide almost everything you might need or pick individual services that fit into your existing communications services.  Bundled services provide the best value often saving 30% or more compared to traditional deployments.

Incredibly easy to get, Proximiti helps you set up the services you need, powerful but simple to use, and highly cost effective.  Recommended.  Doug Jackson, CEO

Proximiti services are cloud based meaning that there is no hardware to install and have emergency failover and backup as part of the service sets.  So if your office broadband connection fails, there is weather that keeps you from getting into the office, or other event, you are always going to receive your inbound calls (routed to your mobile phones or other internet connected devices).

Messaging is incredibly important for business and Proximiti offers powerful messaging tools including business text messaging and group messaging.  Collaboration tools include conference calling, video conferencing, and web meeting capabilities.  Get the tools you need all at a fixed price per month.

Proximiti provides a custom app framework that can allow you to deliver internal and customer facing apps (never a charge to the user of the app) that can create important new links to today’s mobile on the go population.  It includes secure messaging capabilities that can meet the needs of professionals and health care companies.

To explore our products, there are two main categories to review that are bundled services and then standalone services.  Simply click on the page and learn more about the products.  If you want to see how companies like yours utilize Proximiti services, click on the solutions link to find a company type like yours to understand the benefits of our services.

Product Listings

Core Services Bundled Offerings (Includes Power PBX, Unlimited Local and Long Distance Services, Collaboration, Proximiti Advanced Messaging, Custom Apps and More for a Fixed Price Per Month) Individual Services (often included in bundled offerings, see above)

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