Proximiti Delivers Innovative Apps and Broadcast Messaging to Religious Organizations

Changes in the communications landscape pose challenges and opportunities to churches and religious organizations of all kinds.  It’s harder in some ways to reach members and potential members with the clutter of electronic communications but opportunities presented include creating an electronic community that extends beyond the physical facilities and to engage more frequently.  Content can include text but increasingly video and audio and inspired organizations are seeking the best ways to leverage new technologies to serve their mission.

Proximiti provides critical components of technology and also configuration and content management tools that allow organizations even with no technical staff to quickly create, adopt, and maintain these innovative communications services.  You can read more about how this can be deployed for your church by clicking on Solutions for Churches, or review a white paper on Church Apps that was written by our CEO:
Religious Organizations
How a Customized App Can Benefit Your Church
There are four primary parts of the platform that should interest any religious organization.  Use any or all of the functions below to upgrade your communications capabilities and:
  • Proximiti App Builder: Create an app for your Church or religious organization that includes the most commonly needed functions in minutes and allow your members and guests to access key information and more.  Imagine this---a member of your church is talking with a friend and with a single click can forward the app that can show off your organization.
  • Proximiti’s Broadcast Messaging (“PBM”): PBM allows churches to send individual or group messages, use lists, and send any type of content.  PBM can deliver any content to any device including sending text messages.  Users can send these messages from any PC, tablet, or smart phone.  This is incredibly useful for any organization: send a text to everyone in the youth group with a single click or any other group, send a message to the entire membership and have it delivered to your own app on their smart phones, as a text message, or even e-mail message.
  • Proximiti’s Shout (included with every app deployment) is a private messaging network that provides security and works with any internet connected device.
  • Proximiti Business Phone Systems using VOIP and SIP Trunking.  Upgrade your office to low cost telecommunications, great features, and personal service with an award winning team.