Proximiti App Framework Offers Low Cost Apps For Employees, Clients, and Prospects

Your representatives, clients, and prospects all communicate very differently than just five years ago.  While still in the early days, an app for internal use and another version for clients and prospects might give you a key new tool to build your business.

Proximiti can help you build and deliver within 30 days a revolutionary, easy to use, but highly effective communications solution that leverages the advances in mobile phones and tablets while also retaining core communications capabilities that are often needed.  Get your own powerful app to empower your team and also clients and prospects.

Leverage the power of apps, supplement it with core telephone, text, and e-mail services and you can get both a communications solution that meets your company’s needs.

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Proximiti App Capabilities
You might think of apps purely as a mobile representation of a typical web site but there is a lot more to a Proximit app:
  • Proximiti powered apps can buzz or otherwise alert a user of new content including messages
  • Allows for two way or even group real time and asynchronous communications
  • Proximiti’s content management system allows you to create your own custom icons and optimize the mobile experience
  • You can create your own communications network that includes text messages, voice messages, web links, documents, and even surveys
  • Proximiti provides standard applets likes a directory, calendar, and other functions that can add value to any app
  • Apps are easy to distribute via e-mail or text messages
  • You can even include a phone number that will ring on your smart phone or tablet
  • The organization can send out virtually unlimited messages at no or little cost
  • Pictures, videos, forms, documents, and other content instantly available.
  • Can be integrated with management systems and web sites

Why You Need to Consider Having Your Own App(s)

  • Consumers are hard to contact:  Caller ID and voice mail and the growth of mobile only households limit the value of outbound telecommunications.  E-mail addresses are hard to get and often change.  A company web site to support customers is passive waiting on the consumer to come to the site.  Advertising is so spread out among platforms and media types that only the largest companies can cover the different mediums effectively.
  • Higher Expectations for Service:  Self service is better for companies offering products and services and is increasingly expected.  Doing this well and making full service easily available is challenging too.
  • Productivity for Employees:  Picking up a phone and dialing a number and having it go to voice mail is incredibly common in both consumer and business to business communications.  Some estimates are as high as 50% or more of calls ending up in phone tag, or with no contact made.  Also technologies that can do things less expensively and more efficiently allows employees to do higher value tasks.
  • Instant Gratification: Need quick information or to do an update task---if your clients can do it simply, it becomes the preferred means.  And if your competitor is easier to do business with you’ll eventually lose.
  • Powerful and Integrated Means Simple for Users and Productive for Your Organization.

Proximiti App Framework Makes App Building a Rapid Exercise With These Prebuilt Functions

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Benefits of Proximiti App Builder

Here’s why companies big and small are looking at apps:
  • Most companies have an existing web site with diverse content
  • Particularly for companies serving consumers, the “mobile friendly” experience is paramount today with over 50% of web traffic now accessed on mobile devices
  • An app can be better than a web site or an be a great companion to your web site
  • App software development is time consuming and requires some special knowledge about getting the app loaded into the applicable stores, managing content, distributing to end users, and more
  • Like web sites, a hosting company like Proximiti can make the process much simpler and allows your company to manage an app with a non-technical person
Proximiti App Builder

How Proximiti Helps You Build and Deploy Your Apps

Proximiti App Builder
  • Start with the Proximiti framework
  • Get the Proximiti Checklist for common tasks in building your app
  • Integrate content for your app quickly with Proximiti’s App Builder
  • Proximiti supplies you with a “first build” and in a quick webinar incorporates changes and suggestions
  • On approval, app is read for distribution
  • Proximiti loads app in iTunes and Play Store (Android) and it can now be used by phones and tablets
  • A broadcast messages is sent via text and or e-mail with link to app to intended users
  • Follow up processes are put in place
  • App can now be accessed in stores
  • Can make app private or public. If private, the user must input a user name and password (and this is supplied typically in welcome e-mail or text). User enters one time and then no longer has to enter each time
  • You can update content at any time and changes are reflected in user experience

Pricing and Terms and Conditions

Power Number Users: a standard app is provided by Proximiti called GoTools and in included at no additional charge.

Additional Apps: Many companies are looking to provide additional functionality via apps to employees, client, and prospects.  Proximiti must approve each app that is requested by clients including set up charges and other costs.  However, the following guidelines should provide a solid starting point (most companies use the standard framework and the costs are very low):

App Pricing table

Getting Started Options

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