Add Electronic Marketing Capabilities to Campaign Manager

Add Newsletters and Other Patient Communications to Campaign Manager for a flat annual fee

Leading medical practices today consider patient communications to be important facets of building and operating the business.   Campaign Manager offers both reminder and eMarketing capabilities that can help any medical practices to automatically send patients e-mail including general newsletters, announcements, improving wellness, gaining referrals, using health care savings amounts by year end.  

Campaign Manager eMarketing is simple to use, insures a professional image and includes action items that help build your business.

Proximiti works with you to build your core template and patients can easily view your communications on almost any smart phone, PC, or tablet.   Send as many messages as you need to support your practice all for a flat rate per provider per year.  

Example eMarketing Message

Customize easily by including your practice's banner images, message contents, add links, and more.
YEAR END INSURANCE REMINDER:  If you, or a family member have unschueduled treatments, consider having them completed by teh end of the year.  Please let us know if we can assist you in researching your remaning benefits.  Your eye health is our primary concern, as well as our wish to accomodate your schedule and finances.  Maximizin your vision benefits each year makes it economical for you to get the care you need or want.

Action Items Automatically Included at the Bottom of Every Message Encourages Interaction
a. Request Appointment:  generate appointment requests with patient, date, and time
b. Preferences:  allow patients to maintain their own communication preferences
c. Visit Website:  drive traffic to your practice web site
d. Contact Us:  generate questions or comments that are forwarded instantly to your office
e. Refer A Friend:  get friends and family referrals directly from patients

Advantages of Campaign Manager Electronic Marketing
  • Simple to use addition to your existing Campaign Manager solution
  • Highly attractive templates that can be customized easily for your practice
  • Leverages your practice management system
  • Many practices find effective to market year end reminders and other optional services
  • Can support simple messages or more complicated message types
  • Select groups of users to receive communications from practice management criteria
  • Unlimited use
  • Free set up of template with Proximiti assistance
  • Low flat annual rate per provider
  • Make a routine part of your practice
  • Increase referrals

Getting Started Options

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