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Important Announcement:
You may be reaching this page for the first time, previously having simply clicked on GoSolo within POL to get to your Inbox.  The Primerica IT Group is no longer supporting this auto-log-in feature and you will now have to enter your user ID or GoSolo phone number and PIN on this page each time you access your GoSolo messages and other features. 

Fast Start: Access your GoSolo Inbox now

You can log in by entering your GoSolo phone number or user ID (if you don’t have a GoSolo phone number) and also entering your Password.  If you have forgotten your password, enter your phone number and click on the “forgot password” link and you will be directed to a page to reset your password. 

Big Improvements to GoSolo Coming In 2017

During 2016, we provided some test accounts for what we call GoConnect, an app designed with special capabilities for Primerica field representatives and leaders.  The feedback was terrific---many positive comments along with some constructive suggestions about how to make it more useful for Primericans.

We are in the midst of making many changes big and small and to give you some idea---GoSolo is a reliable small car, and GoConnect is a Ferrari!  So it is taking a little more time to get it exactly right.

We are planning on inviting Primericans to test out special versions of GoConnect in coming months—with the complete final product ready in the summer of 2017 and maybe before.  If you’d like to join our test group(s) and also be the first eligible Primericans to get the service, fill in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch with you.

To be in the first group of authorized users, simply fill in the box below and as soon as GoConnect is available for Primerica, you will receive a text message or e-mail or both with a link to the app to download.

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Contact Proximiti

Yes, I’d like to be one of the first users of the GoConnect App by GoSolutions.  I understand there will be no additional charge for GoSolo users that are paying a monthly subscription.  I permit GoSolo to send me e-mail and text messages including links to downloading the GoConnect app.
For more information, feel free to call our GoSolo help line at 888-551-7656.

Highlights of GoConnect

You keep the same features of GoSolo like fax and call forwarding. Here are some quick highlights of the new capabilities.

Free Accounts: Now RVPs who are paying customers can sponsor any number of free accounts. Get your whole team on GoConnect!

  • Unlimited “On-Net” Calling: Now you can talk to your fellow Primericans individually or in conferences and not pay a penny! Conferences can be recorded and then links to that conference recording can be sent to anyone.
  • Free Local Numbers: All paying customers will get a free US or Canadian local number. These numbers can be used for calling and texting. You can use these local numbers to get even more free “off net” minutes.
  • Brand New App: The new GoConnect app will be completely phone and tablet friendly and provide free calling from any internet connected device, including phones, tablets, PCs and Macs.
  • Smart Messaging: Provides best in class messaging features and restores automatic lists while providing a host of new features.
  • Video Calling and Conferencing: All plans will support free calling and, depending on your plan, from 4 to 25 video conference participants. Includes screen sharing too!

Use From Any Device

GoSolo Screenshot GoSolo Screenshot GoSolo Screenshot

GoConnect Smart Messaging
  • Send Messages to Any User from Any Device
  • Build Your Own Lists—No Limit on Size. You Can Send Messages to Anyone on any device including text messages.
  • You Can Send Text Messages
  • Control Replies---You No Longer Get 20 Or More Replies to Read for Announcements or You Can Set to Where the Only Replies are Sent to You
  • You Will Be Instantly Notified of New Messages (including faxes) on any Device You Use

Real Time Communications
  • Do Video Calling on Your Smart Phone, Tablet, or PC with Any Other User of the GoConnect App
  • Your GoConnect Number Rings On Your Smart Phone, Tablet, or PC
  • Want to Hold a Virtual Meeting for up to 25 Users----It’s Now Part of Your GoConnect App! Use from your PC, smart phone or tablet!

Sponsor Unlimited Number of Free Apps for Your Primerica Associates

GoSolo Makes Running Your Business Easier

Many Primerica leaders are excited about using GoConnect for more than routine communications needs and are ready to use these new tools.  Everyone in their base shop or downline can get the free version of the GoConnect app that lets them participate in video calls and web meetings.  They can also get content posted by leaders in Content Café if they download the GoConnect app.

But GoConnect can be used for messaging even if not everyone in your downline gets the app---if you have their cellphone or e-mail address, the messages you send will be delivered to either or both of these devices.  Use your PC to build custom lists, no limits on size, and send any type of message including video, audio, text, or documents.  It’s the perfect tool for managing a large sales force and leverages internet and mobile technologies to make staying in touch easier and even more personal with video calling and web meetings.

To be in the first group of authorized users, simply fill in the box below and as soon as GoTools is available for Primerica, you will receive a text message or e-mail or both with a link to the app to download.