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Many users of CellTRAKR have initial questions about whether the phones they and their kids use today will work with CellTRAKR.   This Phone Advisor section can help you quickly find the answers you need.  

Remember, CellTRAKR works only with smart phones such as Android and BlackBerry (Windows Mobile 5 and 6 and Windows Phone 7 will be available shortly), and for parents, the iPhone can be effective for monitoring youth and teen phones.   Several years ago, it would have been unusual for teens to have any phone that did more than simple calling and text messaging.   That’s increasingly not the case and the major wireless carriers now offer very attractive data plans and also a wide range of smart phones.   Most industry experts expect smart phones to be over 50% of all new phones sold during 2011 and pricing has dropped from several hundred dollars to $50 or less.   Data plans to support smart phones start at $10 per month.  

Families often find that their plans can be adjusted so that they will spend the same or even less than they do today even with their teens and youth carrying smart phones.   Voice calling is used less often so CellTRAKR will help you select the best family plan and the budgeting features of CellTRAKR can help you easily work within these plans as well.  

This Phone Advisor section will assist you in determining whether the phones you presently use are compatible with CellTRAKR and if not, which phone types to consider.   As always, feel free to call or chat with us about your specific needs.  

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