Campaign Manager Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Are automated appointment reminder services generally allowed under HIPAA?

Yes.  In most cases, live and automated appointment reminders are considered a part of patient treatment and therefore allowed under HIPAA.  However, you should always utilize proper care when constructing and initiating reminder messages.  It is recommended that messages not contain specific medical information such as a diagnosis or naming of specific medications.

2. You state the Proximiti’s Campaign Manager is HIPAA compliant. What steps have you taken to ensure that compliance?

Proximiti is committed to providing services to the medical community that meet HIPAA quality and security guidelines.  Our services are designed to provide the administrative, physical and technical safeguards associated with access to “protected health information” (PHI) as defined by HIPAA.  In constructing our serving architecture, we have purposely minimized the storage of PHI on Proximiti servers.  Furthermore, access and transfer of information in association with our medical services is promulgated in conjunction with encrypted SSL (secure socket layer) protocols which are similar to those extensively utilized in the banking industry.  To provide further assurance to our customers that our services meet all HIPAA requirements, we stand ready to execute a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with any subscriber. 

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3. What is a campaign?

A “campaign” is a unique message program.  It may be appointment reminders, birthday greetings, payment reminder, etc.  You set up an individual message and schedule for each campaign you wish to establish.  Each campaign then runs independently based upon the parameters unique to your practice.  You may run multiple campaigns simultaneously.

4. How do I select between voice, text or e-mail delivery?

One of the parameters established during setup of each campaign is a designation for message delivery.  A campaign may utilize a single delivery method or it may use multiple message types.  Furthermore, you can defer to the patient’s message delivery preference or establish a preferred delivery

5. What other parameters can I control on a campaign?

Proximiti’s Campaign Manager provides the most flexible patient message generation platform in the industry.  Specifically, you can control who we contact, what message we contact them with, how we contact them, when we contact them and what we do with the information from those contacts.  To best understand all of the flexibility offered by Proximiti’s Campaign Manager, schedule a product demo.

6. How do I establish and provide my patient list?

For Campaign Manager subscribers who utilize the practice management or EMR system of one of our integrated partners, messaging lists will usually be generated directly by the system based upon your appointment schedule or other database action.  For those subscribers utilizing other practice management software, lists generated by those systems will be accessed in a secure manner by Proximiti’s Campaign Manager application.  Proximiti can process files stored in CSV (comma separated value) format which can be generated in the normal course of business by most practice management systems.

7. What about post-back of confirmations?

Proximiti’s Campaign Manager supports post back of confirmation messages on an automated basis only in association with its practice management system partners.  Currently the partner programs which support post-back are AdvancedMD, GE Centricity, altapoint, Lytec, OfficeMate, medisoft and Vericle.  We are working to expand the systems with which we can post-back confirmation and alternative messaging.

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8. Will you help me set up my program?

Yes.  Setup and ongoing support are included as integral components of our service.  Setup will generally take between 30 – 60 minutes and will be conducted by webinar in order to ensure that your administrative personnel are familiar with how the program operates.

9. How do I get CSV file format specifications?

During the setup process we will work with you to establish the file generation and transfer process necessary to support ongoing campaigns.

10. How do I establish the content of my patient messages?

Message content is established during the campaign setup process.  You may record your own messages or develop customized messages from on our library of scripted messages.  Each campaign can have an individualized script.

11. What Calling Number and Caller ID will be associated with outgoing messages?

For voice calls, your practice telephone number will be designated as the message originator during the Campaign manager setup process.  In most instances, your practice name should appear as the call originator on your patient’s phone.  For text messages, your practice telephone numbers are generally not “SMS enabled”.  Thus, text messages will be initiated under a Proximiti controlled group of telephone numbers.  Email messages will be delivered through a uniquely identified proximiti.com address which will be assigned to your practice.

12. Unlimited messaging. Flat rate per provider pricing. Really?

Yes.  For use in association with normal provision of medical and dental services, pricing is provided on a per doctor, dentist or “provider” basis.  Pricing requires one year of service with upfront billing and payment.  No contract is required.  Service is limited to the 48 states of the continental US.  Messaging must follow all legal standards including but not limited to those associated with HIPAA, telemarketing law and the Telecommunication Privacy Act.  Proximiti provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

13. What other charges will apply?

Proximiti pricing is all inclusive.  Except where taxes apply, no extra charges will be billed.  Setup support and ongoing live US based customer service is included at the stated price.

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